Fuck them basically.

I did my part of the group project… I had it done by our internal deadlines. They didn’t. I’m not about to stress or stay up late because they didn’t get their shit done on time. I don’t owe it to them to stay up and fix their stuff.

So when we go up to present tomorrow…….


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Some fancy drinks on a warm day
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I like sex in different areas.
..Secluded areas..public areas.
I like “position we just made up” sex.
I like “keep quiet” sex.
I like “ride my face” sex.
I like rough sex…
..Like “too sore for round 2” sex.
..Like bite marks, scratches & nail-digging, hair pulling, head-cradling sex.

I like passion, I like intensity; so my sex involves and needs the same.

Dae Lee (Daeizm)

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Kanye at 19

Rare ye
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