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The last one tho.
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"Never trust anyone that doesn’t smoke pot or listen to Bob Dylan…Never trust anyone who doesn’t like the beach. And never, ever, EVER, trust ANYONE who says they don’t like dogs. You meet someone who doesn’t like dogs, you alert the authorities immediately and you sure as SHIT don’t marry them."
Ben Kingsley as Dr. Squires in The Wackness (via solodolobeastmode)

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Getting sun drunk at ye olde Wave Pool
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RIP Dilla…one of the best to ever do it #np #jdilla #vinyl #lettheneedledrop #theshining #classic #hiphop
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Late post with the homies @ramenshamann @alexadams86715 #253 #westend #tacoma


Fuck them basically.

I did my part of the group project… I had it done by our internal deadlines. They didn’t. I’m not about to stress or stay up late because they didn’t get their shit done on time. I don’t owe it to them to stay up and fix their stuff.

So when we go up to present tomorrow…….